SIP MgO Green Panel

What is

a SIP MgO Green Panel?

SIP MgO Green (Structural Insulated Panel) is construction material used in the construction of walls, roofs, floors, and ceilings. It consists of a Styrofoam or polyurethane core, graphite Styrofoam or PUR foam with increased strength and facing (interior and exterior sheathing) from magnesium or OSB boards, combined by means of polyurethane adhesive, which as a result gives a very resistant and tight structural material. The first panels were produced already in 1935, and since that time, they have evolved both in terms of core and lining modifications. They are a commonly used construction material in Northern America, Great Britain and Ireland. LS Tech-Homes S.A. is a leader of SIP production in Europe. MgO Green panel has all required approvals and strength tests, national and European certificates.



The application of SIP MgO Green Panels

They are used in housing and commercial construction. They are used for preparing fillings and structures of external walls, roofs, floors and ceilings, in compliance with the assumptions of the structural design.

  • Single family and multi-family houses
  • Mobile camping buildings
  • Public utility buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Garages, farm buildings
  • Small architecture facilities (garden sheds, fencing, shelters)
  • Temporary construction facilities
  • Floor and ceiling panels, roof panels
  • Partition walls
  • External walls
  • Insulation of construction facilities
  • Acoustic insulation


  • The speed of erection – according to the principle “time is money”, MgO Green technology is the modern method of erecting facilities, reducing the costs and time of the construction process
  • Extended construction season – due to the lack of wet works, it is possible to construct in wintertime
  • More useful floor area – thinner walls and better thermal parameters enable to obtain 10% more of useful floor area in comparison with traditional materials
  • Energy efficiency – lower costs of building exploitation by approx. 40% in relation to the traditional building
  • Fire safety – enhanced fire safety of the building structure in relation to the traditional frame structure
  • Healthy structural material – the facing of walls and structure from MgO Green panels is a barrier for the formation of mould and fungi and it protects them against decay and humidity
  • Lower investment costs – shorter construction time, lack of material losses during construction
  • Certification of materials – tests of the Technical Construction Institute, Polish Institute of Hygiene certificates, fire tests

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You are a designer or a builder?

We invite you to read technical documentation about SIP MgO Green.