Technical information


to be machined at the construction site


We sell the finished whole panels. The Customer decides about their later shape using generally available tools.


cut to measure


The panels cut at the customer’s request are the most profitable option in the long term, aimed at the selection of optimum solution and offering the so-called packaged home kits for independent construction.


and spacial structures


We manufacture ready 2D modules (walls) and 3D modules (spatial ones), which are used for erecting housing and commercial structures.

Technical information

  • The bearing force of the MgO Green panel supported in relation to perpendicular loads is 20 kN (8 kN/m2). The bearing tests of freely supported and fixed MgO Green panels it follows that the panels transfer loads distributed perpendicularly to the surface which are larger than the standard wind load. Vertical connections in the form of OSB panels ensure very good collaboration of adjacent MgO Green panels, which leads to the significant increase of structural strength.
  • MgO Green panels are characterised by very good impact strength. The test of impact with a soft object did not show any visible damage on the surface of MgO Green panel, while small indentations formed as a result of impact with a hard object did not have any importance for the usability of MgO Green panel during further use.
  • The bending resulting from temperature difference is only 0.08% of the spacing length between fixing points and it is invisible with the naked eye. Damage caused by the load of items fixed onto the panel occurred only in the case of MgO Green panel and they had only local character.
  • MgO Green panels are very attractive in terms of strength. Due to their good strength parameters, they can be considered as structural bearing elements, and not only the filling of the structural frame. MgO Green panel transfers the vertical load onto compression in the amount of up to 150 kN.
  • Wall bearing capacity in the 3-panel configuration in relation to perpendicular loads is 46 kN. The impact of adjacent collaborating panels leads to the increase of strength by 2-3 times in the case of the wedge connection (spline in the form of an OSB with the width of up to 400 mm).
  • MgO Green board has achieved the value of diffusion resistance of 579.56 [ – ], which is a very good value, ensuring fast and effective removal of excess condensate of water vapour from the interior of thermal partition, thus significantly decreasing the risk of degradation of partition materials.
  • Thermal transmission coefficient is within the range of 0.2-0.24 (W/m2*K). Acoustic insulation is up to 30 dB, it is also possible to improve acoustic comfort up to 44 dB by means of using an additional acoustic layer.
    Thermal stability of walls made from MgO Green panels subject to harmonic activations is surprisingly high, and it enables to maintain the level of thermal comfort at the preset level with simultaneous reduction of heat requirement of the building