what are the benefits

of BBS (CLT) Technology?

The BBS (CLT) technology has many advantages, including primarily its high thermal and sound insulation. This is also a technology that enables clean, dry, simple and fast erection of buildings with the use of prefabricated construction elements (2D) or ready-made modules (3D).

BBS (CLT) panels are also characterised by heat and moisture capacity positively influencing the comfort of building users and healthy nature of houses made of them. The technology also has a very high capacity to transfer loads both in-plane and perpendicular to the plane of the panel. Thanks to these all properties BBS (CLT) becomes a significant competition for popularly applied building materials.



The modular technology can be used to construct nearly every type of building, from single-family structures to multi-story hotels or office buildings, residential buildings and public buildings (schools, hospitals, etc).

examples of use

BBS (CLT) Technology


module technology in general

The modular construction industry is more than just a construction technology. It’s a way of life, an innovative outlook on the future. Modular buildings are characterized by their fast-paced construction, functionality and attractive price. High quality combined with a high-class, environmentally-friendly and modular functional and spatial layout guarantee endless creative possibilities.

The module itself is a „unit” comprising a floor, a ceiling and walls, including windows and doors. Such modules are skillfully connected to form a multi-module building.



Modules are created in a fully-controlled production hall environment, after which they are transported and assembled at the construction site. The entire process of producing a modular building reduces the investment completion time even by 80%, which provides significant savings.




Witamy Państwa na stronie internetowej firmy Module Technologies SA.

Z dniem 09.10.2018 firma LS Tech-Homes SA zmieniła nazwę na Module Technologies SA.

Zmiana nazwy inicjuje nową strategię Spółki nastawioną na generalne wykonawstwo oraz podwykonawstwo wielkopowierzchniowego budownictwa modułowego, z wykorzystaniem płyty w technologii BBS (CLT).

Dotychczasowa działalność spółki LS Tech-Homes SA oparta o wykonawstwo inwestycji z użyciem paneli SIP będzie nadal kontynuowana, z przeznaczeniem dla realizacji projektów budowy mniejszych obiektów.

On 9 October, the District Court in Bielsko Biała registered the change of the company’s name from LS Tech-Homes SA to Module Technologies SA.

This change, along with the new visual identification constitutes one of the key elements, necessary to communicate the new direction of the Issuer’s strategic development.

The main purpose of the rebranding is aiming at strengthening and focusing the Company’s activity in the area of general contracting as well as subcontracting, for the delivery of investments in BBS (CLT) modular construction.