2D & 3D modular construction

BBS (CLT) technology

We buil in BBS (CLT) technology that enables clean, dry, simple and fast erection of buildings with the use of prefabricated construction elements (2D) or ready-made modules (3D)...

module constructions


We've constructed module apartments containing three bedroom apartments with living room and kitchenette, two bathrooms and a 22m2 wooden terrace

SIP MgO GREEN Technology

SIP Composite Panels

We manufacture composite panels in SIP technology, which are used for the construction single family and multi-family houses as well as industrial facilities...


Composites in pultrusion technology

We manufacture structural sections from glass-reinforced polyester composites (polyester resins reinforced with glass fibre) using the technology referred to as pultrusion...


Module Technologies S.A. is an expansion of current activity conducted by LS Tech-Homes S.A., focused in large-area modular construction with the use of cross laminated timber – CLT BBS.  The main direction of the strategic change became possible thanks to a close cooperation partnership with Module Investment which is a full-service provider of panel joining technology, construction projects and materials in the form of CLT BBS panels.  Based on a technology licensed by Module Investment, the Module Technologies company delivers investments as a general contractor or subcontractor.

The launch of the new strategy is connected with concentration of activities focused on delivery of large-area and multi-storey investments for a demanding European market. Module Technologies sees a competitive advantage of its investments in the following benefits:

energy savings, high acoustic ratios, durability compared to the one of concrete structures as well as ecological dimension thanks to the panel structure made entirely of carefully selected wood.

Module Technologies is also a continuation of current activity of LS Tech-Homes in the scope of construction with the use of SIP technology. The new strategic direction of the Company’s development sees the role of SIP in the delivery of minor investments…

We are the general contractor and subcontractor of the investment

in BBS (CLT) Technology and SIP technology

BBS (CLT) Technology

The BBS (CLT) technology has many advantages, including primarily its high thermal and sound insulation. This is also a technology that enables clean, dry, simple and fast erection of buildings with the use of prefabricated construction elements (2D) or ready-made modules (3D)…

SIP Technology

SIP panels are used in housing and commercial construction. They are used for preparing fillings and structures of external walls, roofs, floors and ceilings, in compliance with the assumptions of the structural design…

Module Technologies S.A.

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